About Dr. Peggy Rothbaum

prDr. Peggy A. Rothbaum is a psychologist in private practice in Westfield, New Jersey. Before starting her psychotherapy practice, Dr. Rothbaum worked in a variety of research, educational, medical and healthcare settings. She also served on several health and mental health advisory boards. Dr. Rothbaum is a trained and experienced researcher and author of numerous published articles and book chapters for professional and general audiences. She has consulted and conducted workshops on how to use psychological principles to improve coping and avoid burnout in healthcare, psychotherapy, business, and teaching. She has extensive experience with a range of trauma and the emotional and behavioral reactions of traumatized patients, as well as the reactions of their physicians and other professionals.

Recently she has begun writing more for general audiences in order to bring her passion and knowledge to her community. She has authored or co-authored several newspaper Op-Ed pieces on healthcare and coping with trauma. In addition, Dr. Rothbaum has recently become active in community organizations and has written about them in local newspapers. She is Past Vice-Chairman and now a member of the Greater Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

She served on the Board of Trustees of Furniture Assist, Inc., a non-profit corporation which meets needs for household items of working families in Northern New Jersey from Summer 2010-December 2012 and remained involved as a volunteer through 2017.
She is currently involved in an effort to provide a caring compassionate community, including housing, jobs, and healthcare, and a sense of belonging, for young women aging out of the foster care system. She is also a passionate advocate for animals.

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